Professional Development & Parent/Caregiver Education

Trainings and talks focused on various areas of speech, language and communication supports for parents and educators. . . .

A Child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark!
— author unknown

Speech Language Pathologists have an in-depth knowledge of how speech and language develop over time, identifying communication delays or impairments in children and adults and providing interventions to treat these impairments.  While we never expect a parent, teacher or caregiver to have this depth of knowledge, it is helpful for those working closely with children to have a good foundational understanding of typical development, how to identify early warning signs of a delay or impairment and how to best support children in their speech and language development in everyday interactions.  

Kate provides educational talks and professional development to parent groups, educators and other service providers for children.  The goal is to help caregivers build a solid understanding of typical/atypical development, when and how to seek additional supports and fun/practical tips for supporting speech, language and overall communication with different populations and stages of development.

If you or your organization are interested in these or other topics related to speech, language or communication, please contact Kate directly at:


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